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What Happens When You Phone a Funeral Home?

Phoning a funeral home is not a common activity for most people.  For most people they may never phone them.  So it would be fair to say people may be unsure of what to expect.

Phone us

When you phone, hopefully you get to speak to a nice person who may redirect you to a funeral director.  When you phone us, you usually speak to me.  It is not uncommon for people calling to say they have no idea what to do next.  So reassuring them is important.

A significant difference from other funeral homes in that our arrangements are very simple for families.  There is minimal paperwork, and the process clear.  I will ask where the person who died is to arrange transport for them.  Then where they are and when I can come and see them to discuss what they want.  Most of the time I will go to them, rather than them coming here.

When you meet with a funeral director, knowing what you want is helpful.  If you are unsure, just be aware that costs can increase quickly with added extras they may suggest.

Forms Lady

If families are wanting a more traditional or formal funeral service, then there are many more things to arrange:

  • Whereabouts to have the funeral service – church, etc
  • Who will lead the service
  • Who else will speak at the funeral
  • Service sheets yes/no?
  • Photos or PowerPoint presentation
  • Embalming
  • Flowers
  • Advertising
  • Refreshments?
  • After Service – go with coffin or stay behind?

Choosing this option obviously involves a lot more from families.  But funeral directors will guide families through this and hopefully make the process as easy as they can.

There can be a lot happening over these days, funeral arrangements, letting people know, dealing with loss, arranging things, and so on…  And it is not uncommon for people to be in a bit of a daze with so much going on.  To the point that a weeks or so later it felt like a dream.

One thing families appreciate with us is how a simple funeral still offers a lot.  Even if there is a direct cremation, people will get together at a later date to remember and celebrate the person.  Having some time between the death and a “get together / service / gathering” does have many benefits.

I’m aware that when someone phones us, they can be very nervous.  But I hope, especially from families that call us, they will quickly feel at ease.



In very basic terms what the funeral home has two main roles:

The first is taking care of the person who has died.

The second is organising any service the family may want. 

Be aware that this is an emotional time and because it isn’t something you do often, there may be encouraged to do things you didn’t want.  Take your time.

A funeral service can get expensive quickly – so keeping a budget clear with the funeral home is important.  Don’t let emotions or people talk you into spending more than you can afford.  There are many good options that are less costly.

All Funeral Homes are not the same – talk to a few and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.  Do not let the cost of saying goodbye add to your grief.

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