Caring for the Family

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Taking care of the family is a fundamental aspect of SDF.  This was in response to a sense that when families went to a funeral home, it can be a little daunting and the process confusing.  

So how do we take care of you?

My first instinct is to make sure the family is doing OK.  This begins with listening to their needs and asking how much they want to be involved in the process.  Some families just want me to take the person direct for cremation.  While others would like the person to stay at home until cremation or burial. 

There is no rush, no pressure from me.  From the start we take things at your pace.  If you need more time to make a particular decision, that is fine.  So there is a sense of peace while I’ll work behind the scenes making sure everything that is needed is done.

We care in that the way we work with families is very relaxed and informal.  I usually go to their place, which is usually much more comfortable for them than visiting a funeral home.  But if they do come here, our place is like visiting a home.

Families consistently comment on how good I was to work with.  Which is a chief aim for every family who chooses me.

We care by never even trying to talk you into spending more than you choose.  There is no hard-selling from me nor pressure to do more than you want to do.

We care because our focus is not how to increase your costs.  SDF is not set up like this.  Our prices are set and clear.  There is actually no way for our costs to escalate,  There will not be any surprises with the final invoice.

We care with keeping you informed throughout the process.  Even if you have a direct cremation with no service, I will let you know when the cremation is happening and if there are any delays.

We care by not complicating the funeral arrangements.  Families can still have a funeral they want without it becoming confusing.  Often this enables funeral homes to add extra costs to their service.

We care that even though we are a low cost simple process, it does not in anyway reduce the care we take of the person who has died.  There is minimal handling of the person, which people find more respectful.

SDF started because I saw the need for families to have an option where prices were more affordable and the process of arranging a funeral was easier for families to manage.  We wanted families to be involved as much as they wanted.

Although death is a natural stage of life, we wanted families not to fear it, but navigate this time with confidence and support.

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