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What happens to a body after it dies? 

This isn’t so much about the spiritual after life beliefs people have.  It is a very simple guide that i hope gives a little insight..

Like many people, I didn’t know too much about the process a body goes through after death.  How quickly will it change, begin to smell?  How soon should the person be taken if they died at home?  I sort of assumed that once a person dies they need to be collected by the funeral director asap. 

To be clear, we are talking about a natural death where the police or coroner aren’t involved.  Also, there will always be exceptions – so read this as a guidebook rather than a lawbook.

I say to families that if someone dies during the night or even in the evening, the person would be fine where they are until next morning.  This is assuming they are in bed and the family are happy for them to stay.

Man in Bed

Even in rest homes, staff should be aware that staying the night won’t be a problem.  Simple steps, like turning off the heat, help.  I’ve told staff at the rest homes there is nothing that is going to happen with them to be concerned about.  Again – keeping in mind that this is the cast with the vast majority of people.  If there were any concerns, they could call me anytime.

One of the reasons not to rush things is that I like families to feel less pressure.  Things tend to happen pretty quickly anyway.  Also, the family may want to spend more time with the person after they have died.  Of course, the time comes for the person to leave.  Just know that you have some flexibility here.

We don’t embalm and there really is limited reasons to do it.  I have had families view many who have died, with minimal “treatment”.  I have told them what to expect and it really isn’t as bad as you might imagine.  It is still their loved one.

There are many stories of loved ones looking very different after embalming.  So we prefer to keep things more natural.  For some people viewing the person is very important and for others they have no desire to do this.  Everyone is unique.

Do not take what Hollywood / TV shows you about dead people are the truth.  It’s funny even having to say this.  The truth is death is very natural, although upsetting at times.  The person isn’t going to do anything shocking.  Don’t worry about zombies!!

I wrote a while back about a grandad who stayed in his home for a few days and the grandkids were very shy initially.  When I returned, their attitude had change completely.  Death wasn’t a scary thing.  Grandad wasn’t going to do anything weird.  He was still their grandad and being around him wasn’t anything to be frightened about.

One of the things I like best about the service we offer is how uncomplicated it is for families to manage.  Family involvement (or not) and making the process as natural as possible has become a unique feature we strive for.

So to sum things up – when someone dies, take your time.  There is no panic.  Definitely have support – family, friends, neighbour.  Allow this final stage of their life to be remembered positively without undue stress.  Having a chat with us and seeing all your options can be reassuring.