What Makes Us Different #4 Simple Dignity

Five Things That Make Us Different From Other Funeral Homes

Not Better / Not Worse – Different


Dignity Without Expense /
Competent and Caring

Yes, I have sneakily doubled up on #4 with two aspects that make us different from other funeral homes.  Not better, not worse – just a different approach

The Background
My impression of funeral homes was that they were very formal serious places.  Not much smiling and people acting properly.  It felt similar to visiting a lawyer or church minister or a school headmaster in his office.

And I understand why a funeral home would want to project this image.  Death is a very solemn occasion and should not be taken lightly.  People are grieving and so a haphazard approach is not appropriate.

Families want to feel respected, and their loved one taken care of properly.  A sense of professionalism is important.  And this is appreciated by many people.

This is seen as dignity which can come at a price.  Suits, hearse, buildings, etc. are all geared towards providing this sense of dignity.  The more expensive the lawyer’s suit the higher the lawyer’s fees.

large funeral home

How we differ
The dignity I focus on this not the usual funeral home focus of formality and appearance. 

What I focus on is something I like to call, Simple Dignity.  This dignity isn’t connected to things or a certain style or even how things are done or appearance. 

Dignity isn’t connected to cost, the type of funeral one has.  Dignity is there regardless.  The simplest smallest funeral has as much dignity as a royal funeral.

This is because receiving dignity, care and compassion is regardless of who you are, what you do, how much you spend…

Which leads us nicely into the Care and Compassion.  This is another aspect funeral homes like to promote.  And for good reason.  No one would like heartless negligent.

Showing compassion and care does not cost.  Treating the person who has died with respect is not limited to the “professionals.”  Which does lead to an interesting point.

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Professional Fees
Often you will see funeral homes including this in their costs.  It can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Because you pay this, it implies you will get that “special” service.

We don’t charge for professional fees.  Every family I work with receives the same professional service. Yes, I don’t have the same extent of services.  I don’t embalm, I don’t have an onsite chapel and our building is also our home.

Professional fees implies you get better quality, which helps to justify their costs.  Expense does not automatically deliver higher quality.  It is why we have “Affordability without Compromising Service”.

I started SDF because I wanted to offer a funeral service that was professional, without the professional expense.  To provide a service that was focused on not only keeping things simple, but providing the respect and dignity, care and compassion through our unique approach.

I’ve said this before, our service is not for everyone.  It has never pretended to be.  Perhaps the most important aspect is the response from families.  We haven’t gotten things right every time.  But we have definitely helped families and we learn and improve all the time.