How to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. It can be tough to let go of the people and things that mean so much to us. But saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a sad and expensive affair. It can be an opportunity to celebrate life, honour the memories, and find new ways to connect.

It’s time to change the way we say goodbye. Funeral homes may have been the traditional choice in the past, but they don’t have to be anymore. With more people choosing to take control of the process themselves, there are more options than ever before. From a home funeral to a unique location, we have the power to create a farewell that truly reflects the person we are saying goodbye to.

So what makes a goodbye right or wrong? The answer is simple: it’s whatever works best for you. We are all unique, and our goodbyes should reflect that. While it’s good to consider legal and practical concerns, we should never feel pressured to conform to certain norms. Instead, we should embrace our individuality and honour the person we have lost in our own way.

Rabbit Island

Now I’m not sure a viking theme funeral at Rabbit Island on an out-going tide would be permitted.  Although I’m sure for some people this would be their ideal send off.

With a little creativity there is definitely potential to explore other approaches.

It’s important to recognise that a very simple funeral is sometimes exactly what the family and the person wanted.  The range of styles and tastes is as varied and unique as each person.

Life is precious, and so are our memories. Let’s make our goodbyes count by creating something truly special and meaningful. We have the power to say goodbye in our way, without giving a lot of money to funeral homes. Let’s make the most of that power, and honour the people we love in a way that truly reflects their spirit.

Simple Direct Funerals continues as it began in Nelson Tasman – to focus on what the families want without the additional expenses or complications.