Being Green

Being Green

Eco Funerals

Are you interested in Eco-Funerals?

For us at Simple Direct Funeral focusing on limiting waste and pollution is important.  So we try to do the following things as much as we can.

We try to source over 90% of the things we need locally.  We make the coffins with timber from the local wood supplier.  And only get the few thing we can’t source here delivered.

In addition to this we don’t embalm the person or use any other chemicals on them.

We are also working on making our very own burial shroud as an option.

We make most of our urns and have a local woodworker make some also.  So a lot of what we do is in house – and it works really well.

Our coffins are untreated plywood – usually unpainted (unless the family decorates it themselves.

Being green isn’t about us making a big deal about it nor forcing our views on others.  It is more the realisation that in the end we don’t take anything with us when we die.  We only leave things behind. 

I guess the question is what do we want to leave behind?

Morning Mist
Native Trees

Simple Direct Funeral donates native New Zealand trees for every funeral.

We usually do this quarterly and we are happy to be able to do this. These native trees are planted locally.

Being able to make this small contribution for the environment while at the same time leaving a lasting legacy for those have passed away makes great sense.

Please visit Trees the Count to see the great work they do.  We appreciate being able to support them.