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At SDF, we want to make the task of organizing a funeral as stress-free for you as possible.

We have a simple process that can include almost any additional requests you may have.

We understand that planning a funeral is not something that people deal with often, and it can be daunting.

Families have commented on how easy our funeral process was for them to manage. It allowed them time and space to focus on what was important to them.

Here is how things tend to go after someone has died…

The Funeral Process


The first thing I tell people is that there is no rush.  Take your time, don't panic.  You can call me anytime.


If the death is unexpected contact the police immediately and they will take over.  The person may be taken away by the coroner or us, depending on the circumstances.  Once the coroner has completed their work I can collect person and the funeral can go ahead.  Usually the coroner takes a few days before they release the body.


Otherwise after the person has died the family can contacts their GP or hospice or us. If the death happens in a rest home the staff will help you to contact me.


I usually arrive after the doctor has been – at a time that suits the family. PLEASE NOTE:  If there is a delay with the doctor visiting the home, the doctor can come to my place to certify the death. I can collect the person and look after them until then.  The doctor must view the person before any cremation can take place.


I will meet with the family and go through all the necessary paperwork, which takes only a few minutes. The paperwork is the Cremation / Burial Application and Death Certificate Information.


I am happy to meet wherever it suits you e.g. the rest home, hospice, your place, my place – whatever you prefer. 

Again, there is no rush for this to happen if you wish to spend some time with the person.  Often I meet with the family and then take the person into my care.


We discuss if the family would like the person to stay with them or to be taken into our care.


We decide on a time when they would like the cremation/burial to happen and if family wishes to come to the chapel at the Crematorium at Wakapuaka Cemetery Chapel or at the graveside. 

I will confirmed the time with the crematorium and let you know.


Although it may feel like a lot of decisions are required, there is still time to finalize them if necessary. Things tend to happen quickly anyway, so there is no need to rush decisions.


I collect all the necessary paperwork from the doctor or hospital and send it to NCC to be processed.  We will then get the permission to cremate/bury. The timeline for this is usually within 24 hours.  

Sometimes a cremation can happen the same day or within a few days.


Once all the paperwork is signed off, I get the paperwork that gives permission for the cremation or burial to take place - at the time that suits you (see #8). 



As mentioned, the family is very welcome to come along to the crematorium chapel or the graveside. They may also change their mind at some stage regarding coming to chapel. I am happy to be flexible with their wishes.

Sometimes the family has already said their goodbyes to the person and they often consider having some kind of gathering at a later date.


After the cremation or burial I will complete the details for the Death Certificate and send it to Births, Deaths and Marriages.  They will post the Death Certificate to your  address usually within 10 days.

  Please note that if any information is incorrect, contact me and I will get it corrected.


Usually I am able to personally return the ashes to the family the next working day after the cremation.  We make a time that suits for me to come to your place or you may choose to come to my place.


When the ashes are returned, I will also bring the invoice and medical certificate from the doctor who certified the death.

Keep in mind there is a WINZ grant to help cover costs for some families.  I can help you with this.

I have had families contact me after the person has died and we have been able to organise the funeral quickly and with little pressure.  As mention, there is plenty of time to do what we need to do.  My goal is to always help families achieve what they want with minimal stress.

Although this is a simple funeral service families have commented on how poignant and meaningful it was for them.  Using SDF, they had a lot more time and energy to focus on the person rather than deal with a whole raft of additional issues. 

I am professional, supportive and always aim to meet the family’s needs.  My hope is that our service will allow people to remember their loved one, support each other and celebrate their memories.

Please note the optional prices of coming to the chapel or keeping a loved one at home which is explained in the “Additional Services” section of the Affordable Costs page.

Are you out of town?

If you are out of the Nelson Tasman district I am still able to help you through this difficult time. I have had people from throughout New Zealand and Australia use my service with absolutely no problems.

I specialize in making this difficult time simple to work through and we will be with you throughout the whole process. The best thing to do is give me a call or send me an email using the details at the bottom of this page.