Funeral Options

Respectful, Relaxed Funeral Arrangements

Where to start?

A funeral is not something families organise often and so there is always going to be a degree of apprehension.  For many people organising a funeral feels overwhelming.  Where to start?  What to do?  There are many questions.

My goal is to make the funeral process as simple as I can for families.  The paperwork is minimal and we focus on what the family want rather than what I can sell them.

Simple Direct Funerals offers a professional and very simple to manage funeral service.  Whether it be for a cremation or burial, with a private family service or public funeral.

Our families often say how our style of funeral service made the process so much easier for them.  They also said they were more able to be more present and have a meaningful farewell. 

Having a simple low-cost funeral is no less meaningful.  Also, there are many options open to you for remembering, celebrating and mourning the person who died.

Your first phone call to me will allay many concerns.

Do not let the cost of saying goodbye isn’t just about the cost but also the way in which you decide to have a funeral.

“After talking to you about my Mother’s wishes for a very quick simple cremation, I was impressed by your empathy, sincerity and helpfulness. You helped make the process remarkably easier for us. The whole family were impressed and appreciated your involvement”
– Addo