The Coffin and Urns

I make our own coffins with untreated plywood.
Most of the wooden urns are made by us or local woodworkers here in Nelson / Tasman. 

I  wanted to provide not just an economical option, but also a coffin that is solid and reliable.  This plywood coffin is particularly good for cremation and burn very cleanly as opposed to cardboard, mdf or other coffins.

Having only one coffin means that there will never be any pressure to choose a more expensive model.  It also removes any pressure to spend more on a coffin at a time when so much is happening. 

The feedback has been very positive with these coffins as they are extremely sturdy, simple and clean.

These coffins can have messages on them or painted.  Below are a few examples.  Of course the coffins can be left as is.
The photos are blurred for privacy – but they give you an idea.

Plywood coffin
The coffin we use is simple and strong.

A few examples of the coffin decorating families have done.

Decorated coffin
Decorated Coffin
coffin decorated by a family

Burial Coffin

Our burial coffin is very similar to the one we use for cremating.  The main difference is that the lid has an edging and there are rails down the side to carry the coffin to the grave.

Again very simple and strong and can be used for natural burials also.

Simple burial coffin
Simple burial coffin


The urns we sell are made locally with recycled native wood, made by a local craftsman.  As you can see each urn is unique depending on what wood is in stock.  The stock is continually updated as needed, so what is display may no longer be available.

These are beautifully made urns and very popular.  


recycled native wooden urns
recycled native wooden urns


We also offer a limited number of one-off unique cremation urns.  These are made from same plywood left over from the coffins.  What is special about these urns is the work local artist Kath Dwyer puts into each and every urn.  The photos are more indications of the urns as they are better seen in person.  New urns are being added and sold.  Click here to see our collection.