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Unique urns - for Sale

Simple Direct Funerals creates their own unique urns.

The beauty of these urns is in the artwork and styling that our local in-house artist Kath puts into every urn.
We like to think that the uniqueness of each urn reflects the uniqueness of each person.
No two urns are the same. 
Most are hand-made from plywood, with a more rustic style rather than the same repeated style.  With each urn having its own personality, we know that tastes vary.

We also have some beautiful recycled native wood urns, made locally by a skilled woodworker.

The urns are best seen in person, if possible.

To enquire or purchase any urn, please get in contact with us via email.

All Products

All Products

Recycled Native Timber Urns

These are made locally and are of various wood and designs as per images.  These are popular and only SDF supplies these urns.

If purchased alone they cost $500(+gst).  Or $350 (+gst) with any cremation.  They can come with or without a plaque. 

The designs may differ from the ones shown, as urns come and go.