Man Flu

The Trials of Man-Flu

On Friday I succumbed to the dreaded man-flu.  I had a cough and felt dizzy and the only proper thing to do in these circumstances was to rest in bed, with treats and TV.

Somehow I made it through the night with some coughing and “woe is me” thoughts.  The next day I didn’t know if I was better or not.  This is the trick with man-flu – it’s sneaky.  I needed to mow the lawn because of all the rain lately.  And I couldn’t endure the imaginary frowns from my neighbours with unkept lawns.  It doesn’t take too long and the mower actually has a lever that drives it, so I don’t even need to push it.

Afterwards I could tell I did push myself to the limit and needed to rest again.  This had nothing to do with wanting to watch a movie.  But since I was there I may as well it made sense to watch it.

By Sunday I was in the “in-between” dimension of nearing the end.  But this is the most dangerous stage also, because if you go too hard too quickly a relapse is very likely.  Fortunately the home help made me fruit salad and ice cream before leaving me for several hours to see her mum for mother’s day.  I’m sure it was a tough decision to leave me in the state I was in.

This was on top of having my car accident a few days earlier.  When I say car accident – it was more a fender bender at less than 10km/h.  But my car will need repairs, which I found out will be 4 to 6 months, because panel beaters are so backed up.  Who knew?

Fortunately the car is still driveable and the damage isn’t too obvious.  But I decided that having one “hearse” is a little risky.  So I was fortunate to see another one, like mine for sale just down the road.  

White Mondeo

So after a bit of haggling I got the price to where it was initially pretty much.  But it looks a good car (I hope) and we can get rid of the other two cars that can’t take coffins.  So we’ll have two cars instead of three.

If anyone is looking for an excellent Labrador Limo, I have a 2007 Mazda Axela available…. but be quick.  If anyone is looking for a Nana car, Kath’s Tiilda is here too.

So what can we learn from my trials?  Even when you face something as serious as the man-flu (women will never be able to appreciate this btw), a homemade fruit salad with ice cream can make all the difference.

On a side note I am able to wear my Christmas present today, because at Christmas time the weather is too warm.  I am undecided if I will go into public with this on.

Christmas Sweater

So remember trials will come and trials will go.  But more importantly, you can wear a Christmas Sweater in May if you want to.