Simple Direct Funerals

Why choose us?

This life we live is full of uncertainty.  For example, we know all too well how the weather one day can change everything.  And there are so many other things that might arise –  lost employment or business, health, a life-changing accident, end of a relationship and the list goes on and on.  But this is life and the main thing we can do – the only thing we can do really – is our response when we come up against things.

Now I’m talking from the perspective of someone who lives with clinical depression and anxiety.  So I’m probably not the best person to talk about how to cope with uncertainty.  However I do know how uncertainty can rock your world.  Some time ago within a year I was divorced, made redundant and had to sell my home.  I thought this was enough to late me a lifetime.  But life isn’t like that.

Even positive things can cause uncertainty.  Last year I was offered the opportunity to buy the house I was renting – where Simple Direct Funerals headquarters are.  I say headquarters to make it sound impressive – it just my home and work… basically where I take care of my dogs more than anything else.

Friends and family were so excited about this opportunity and I was utterly terrified.  I didn’t cope very well in fact.  Something inside me couldn’t deal with buying the house.  I crashed.  But over the next months I slowly got better and was able to look at buying the house again.  It was a horrible road because of the way I was not able to handle it.

For many the death of a loved one is a time of uncertainty – especially someone close.  What will my life be like now?  How will I cope?  If they did all the cooking or the banking, how am I going to learn to do that?  The list goes on.

Perhaps the biggest, most important, thing to remember is that you don’t need to face uncertainty alone.  Besides family and friends there are many agencies out there that have experience and resources that can help.  The one thing I would say is – Reach Out.  Becoming isolated and alone with your own thoughts isn’t always healthy.  I know this first hand.

Death is a reality we all will face – either personally or someone close to us.  There is no escaping this.  It could happen suddenly or over many months.  It can be a terribly difficult time and so easy to lose hope.  But it doesn’t need to be like this.  Yes – it will be hard.  But more importantly you will get better, because this is what life is about.  Life won’t be the same, but life continues regardless.

People at Beach

Most people don’t want to face uncertainty.  Even those who parachute make sure they packed the chute properly.  There are good and bad sides and being able to ride the wave is so much better than being pounded by the surf.

I think one of the reasons I ended up in this business was because I can relate to people going through hard times.  And my goal is to try and make a really hard time as manageable as I can for them.  If I can help people it means so much more than anything else to me.

By the way, late last week the purchase of the house went through.