Simple Direct Funerals

Why choose us?

Am I a cowboy?

Ask me that question when I was ten years old and I would have said, “I wish.”  Hat, gun, horse – what’s not to like?

However we know that a cowboy in business terms isn’t great.  Usually you will get a builder who is called a cowboy.  This means they over-charge and under perform.  The work is shoddy and their reliability is wanting.  Usually they take the money and run.

So you can understand my surprise (not) when I was told that this is what the competition labels me.  But do they have a point?  So I googled and this is what I found cowboy operators:

  1. Cowboys have no references.
    My google reviews, besides all the other comments say different.
  2. Their estimates are low.
    I don’t have estimates – rather fixed prices.  No surprises.
  3. Keeps things vague.
    I keep things simple and not confusing.  Families know exactly where things are at.
  4. They want to be paid up-front.
    I don’t even ask for a deposit.
  5. They are not registered.
    I’m not connected to FDANZ.  But I am registered with both councils.
  6. They have multiple companies.
    Nope – just me.  No sneaky additional website companies.
  7. They keep finding extra jobs (services).
    Definitely not me.  In fact I go out of my way to save families money.
  8. Shoddy workmanship.
    The coffins are basic – but perfect for their role.  Urns are art pieces.
  9. Their communication is poor.
    I’m known for keeping families informed throughout the process.
  10. Reckless disregard for health and safety.
    Holly makes sure all safety protocols are kept.

The fact is that I am not perfect and I have made mistakes in the past.  Saying the wrong name at a committal once is something I don’t want to happen again.  And I am always striving to do better for my families.  Honesty, openness and integrity are fundamental to SDF.  And this doesn’t matter whatever size you are.

I tell people exactly what I offer and what I don’t offer.  They know the cost, the process and the other options open to them.   My background has been 30 years of working with families.  It has never been to exploit or use them, but rather seeing how I can help. 


Perhaps people in glasshouses shouldn’t be throwing these stones, because maybe some things on this list may hit closer to home. 

I came into this business because I saw a need.  Families wanting clear low-cost and a simple service. 
This hasn’t changed.  Helping people at a vulnerable time so they feel supported and pleased with my service is my focus.