SD Funerals doesn’t mean second rate

Simple Direct Funerals started because people who wanted a very simple “no-fuss” funeral were still paying a lot of money.  Far more than was fair.  So we focused on providing only simple and low-cost funerals.

The issue some people have is that not having a “proper funeral” doesn’t reflect or honour the person’s life.  Also, it doesn’t allow people to “send-off” their loved one properly.

What funeral homes will say is that if you don’t do a proper funeral you’ll regret it later.  And there are many techniques they will use in order for you to spend more money – in the name of honouring the person who has died.

This has sometimes put families under huge financial pressure as they think they need to spend more and do more because it is the right thing to do.  But this isn’t the case at all.

A simple informal funeral – be it a burial or cremation – can be incredibly meaningful.  I have found that when you strip away all the excess the really important things about a funeral are the people who are there and the stories told about the person who has died.  Everything else is bells and whistles.

Simple Direct Funerals does not pretend to offer the more formal funeral options.  There are other funeral homes in Nelson that do this.  And if people want this they are very welcomed to go that way.  I have absolutely no problem with families wanting the bells and whistles.


What I get annoyed with is when some funeral homes advertise affordable simple funeral options that pretend to be what they aren’t.  This is a marketing and advertising technique done usually by big businesses that are desperate to get you in the door under false pretences.  Once there they slowly but surely encourage, advise and press families into spending more.  And often families believe that this is the right thing to do and they believe this is the simplest most affordable option.

The advertising and marketing is so good that families think this is the best deal in town, when in many instances it is the most expensive.  As opposed to a family run business that is much more aware of their reputation in the community and will be much more up front with costs from the very start.

A simple funeral
Having a very simple funeral is still respectful.  You have not disrespected the person (who in many cases wanted this anyway).  The impression that spending more and even doing more is better is not right.

And families should not under any circumstances think this is the case.  It is why we are the only funeral home in Nelson Tasman that is solely focused on simple, affordable cremations and burials*.

I believe that being together and having a funeral that reflects your unique family is the your choice.  There is no one way to have a funeral.  So have the freedom to do what you want.  

Often I have private cremations and then they will have something a little later that may include more people.  They have it at a place they feel comfortable in (sport’s club, church, pub, beach, home…).  And they are able to focus on what I think most people remember at any funeral – the people they met (especially those who travelled from far away) and the stories told.

My one piece of advice would be to phone around and see exactly what each funeral home offers.  Be wary of those advertising low cost and simple affordable services.

Simple Direct Funerals is unashamedly low-cost and simple.  Our service is not intrusive, but still supportive.  And we have the freedom to allow families to do only what they want.  And I believe that having this option does not in any way undermine the love and respect the family has for the person who died.

I am so pleased that we can say our cremations (with a services and $250 urn) are never more than $3,500 – our direct cremations are less than $2400.  Our burials are $3,000 (excluding plot).  And there is unlimited scope to celebrate, mourn and remember the life of a loved one.

(*Other ads that promote low cost direct cremations are part of a larger funeral home.)