Simple Direct Funerals

Why choose us?

In many ways 2022 flew by. Maybe that’s just old age catching up to me.

For the armchair sports fan the woman’s rugby world cup final has to be a highlight.  Also the football world cup final was pretty special too.  Did we have the Olympics?  I can’t remember…

In politics I think Labour is falling into the familiar place all long term governments fall into – thinking they know better than anyone else and their way is the only way regardless of what the public actually think.  Next year’s election could be interesting.  For a small business I feel the government is just too much in our business.  I would prefer not hearing from them so often and them just looking after the essentials better.

That’s my political rant over.

Simple Direct Funerals made it through another year.  In terms of business, it was pretty much the same as last year.  So at least I have consistency.  Also consistent is the positive feedback from families with the type of service I bring.

I am still determined to get the message out there that not all funeral homes are what they seem.  Some promote low costs simple services, but in truth it is just their marketing ploy to get customers.  I think the real difference is found when you have a family run business rather than a multi-national business.

A family business is usually because the people in it are there because they are passionate and committed to it.  Whereas big business is far more interested in the bottom line.  I truly hope that next year more people will realise what services and costs all funeral businesses offer.

I don’t mind if people want to spend thousands of dollars on a huge funeral.  They have every right.  But those wanting to watch costs and have something a little more intimate should not be paying more than they need.

An addition to Simple Direct Funerals was local artist – Kath Dwyer.  Well she is much more than that.  She is doing a lot behind the scenes, Instagram posts, urn enhancement and the occasional helping hand with a coffin.  I can’t really list all she does – because people will wonder what I actually do!  I expect to see her around for some time to come.

We are finally looking at purchasing the property we work from early next year.  This will give us a little more scope to enhance the property – Kath already has gardening plans well underway.

2022 was a year of ups and downs for me personally.  I’m glad I got to the end of it and even more pleased being able to help families during a tough time.  Usually with a smile and always with a focus on their needs.  

I humbly appreciate the trust each family places in me to be part of their funeral process.  It is a true honour and something I will never take for granted.  I am thankful for the positive reviews and comments they shared and how each and every family did so well organising and dealing with a funeral for a loved one.

The funeral business is a little weird.  I don’t usually say to families afterwards, “See you soon.”  This give the wrong impression.  In 2023 most of you won’t really want to see me in a professional sense.  I understand, it’s not personal.  

So I, I mean we, wish you all the best 2023.