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Simple Affordable Burials


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If a simple affordable burial is your or your deceased loved one’s wish, I can accommodate this. This is a simple, respectful graveside service, which I or anyone of your choosing can lead. Sometimes families simply gather together with no formal service as such.

Whatever your wish, I take great pride in offering a completely professional and supportive service to the family and making the occasion meaningful and respectful.  

Simple Burial Services

includes gst

This price is all inclusive and covers everything you will need for a burial. 

This price doesn’t include the plot or cost of interment, because these can vary and some plots are already paid.

Having this low-cost burial service  at the gravesite can cater for all sizes of groups.  As the body is not embalmed, the burial should take place within a few days. 

We cater for natural burials using our untreated plywood caskets.  Below is an example of the coffin we use.  We only have one type of coffin, which is included in the price.

This is what the inclusive price covers:

  • Me being personally available to you 24/7
  • Meeting with you and your family and completing all the necessary paperwork
  • Transferring your deceased loved one into our care
  • A wooden casket
  • All transportation
  • Collecting all necessary paperwork
  • Co-ordinating with local council.
  • Graveside service (if wanted)
  • The death certificate
  • A local newspaper notice
  • Coordinating the whole process to cause you and your family the least amount of stress and burden
  • Please note:–  This does not include Plot and Interment Costs.  This is because sometimes people already have a plot and the prices between Nelson and Tasman can vary.
Low cost burial coffin

Natural Burials

SDF caters especially for those wanting a natural burial.  Because we do not embalm the person, it works in well with the way we do funerals.

We use untreated plywood, like the one shown above.  Sometimes families will decorate the coffin themselves.  

We also have an option of using a “coffin tray” with the person wrapped in a shroud.  Obviously there would be time restraints with this – but it is a definite option. 

You can even use a shroud or blanket you have.  I am happy to wrap the person if you don’t want to do that.  We would do this asap and place on the tray, so we don’t need to move the person again.

There is absolutely no extra charge for natural burials

Morning Mist

Did you know... ?

That you can buy a plot at Marsden Cemetery (probably most cemeteries) and have two coffins buried in the one plot?

More than that –  you can have up to 10 sets of ashes put into the same plot.

So in theory the cost of one plot could become a family plot for 12 people.  There would obviously be interment fees for each person.  But if you compare that to buying individual urn plots, say at $400 each as an example – the savings are significant and the family are all in one place.