Simple Direct Funerals

Why choose us?

I remembered a story about a wedding where the couple had sponsors for virtually everything at the ceremony and reception and the wedding didn’t cost them a cent.  I decided to googled sponsored weddings to see if it is a real thing.  Guess what?  This is a real thing that people can do.  Obviously, this is USA.

Now, I’m not sure how well this may work for a funeral.  What business would like to sponsor a funeral?  Google again showed that sponsored funerals hasn’t become a thing… yet.  I’m not sure if they will – but never say never.  Imagine the brain-storming that a business would do for this.  I don’t even want to get started, because I will get myself into trouble.

When I googled sponsored funerals all I got was some grants that are available.  Nothing like, this funeral is brought to you by “Honda – taking you further” (I made that up).  There would probably be a lot of good ones too “To Infinity and Beyond.”  OK, I’m stopping that now.  That isn’t one, I’m stopping.

We know that funerals can be expensive. Although Funeral Homes may advertise low costs, this is definitely not what they really want.  Once in their doors the goal is to sell more services and options to families.

Some families have looked at DIY Funerals.  But this does take a certain person.  Besides dealing with the body, there is the paperwork and logistics of even a simple funeral that isn’t easy.  Mainly because people don’t do this sort of thing often and it’s a steep learning curve.  It is possible and people have done this.  But it is a good thing to investigate fully well beforehand.

The WINZ Funeral Grant would cover around 95% of our Direct Cremation.  Which is almost free.  But there are criteria a person needs before they get this.

Sometimes there is pressure from some parties that suggest the expense should be the last thing to worry about.  Focus on the person, their worth and dignity and the kind of send-off that is appropriate for them.  This is called… sales.

There are so many options today that families can do to remember, mourn and celebrate the life of a person.  Gone are the days when you were expected to do things a certain way.  You don’t.  One of the things I love most about this job is hearing some of the events families do.  It reflects the person and them as a family.  It’s much more comfortable and genuine.  And often the costs are almost free.

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A business sponsoring a funeral may not become a reality.  Although the possibilities are intriguing.  I think families will move more towards a smaller “production” than what was done in the past.  They will focus on what is important for them and create meaningful memories this way.  There will always be those who will want a traditional funeral – but it isn’t a requirement for everyone.

A free funeral probably won’t be a reality anytime soon.  But a more affordable one certainly is.  Do not let the cost of saying goodbye add to your grief.