Simple Direct Funerals

Why choose us?

Simple Direct Funerals started because I wanted to provide families an affordable funeral to those who wanted a direct cremation. Before I started, other funeral businesses were able to charge whatever they wanted for even the most basic of services. Then when we started things changed. They started to lower their prices too.

However there is one major difference between us and them. They can increase the costs to the family dramatically with up-selling products and even using the emotional time to encourage families to spend more. Simple Direct Funerals cannot and will not do this. Our costs are set from the start. The only option we offer families is if they want to come to the crematorium chapel for a small commitment service.

The set price covers everything they need for a funeral, from the coffin to the death certificate and everything in between. For us keeping the cost to family as affordable as we could was a primary goal. Virtually all our cremation funerals have been less than $3000, which often includes the chapel service.

However we quickly realised that it wasn’t simply the costs that attracted people to Simple Direct Funerals. It was the uncomplicated process of organising a funeral that families really appreciated. Their feedback was how simple and easy we made it for them. This doesn’t mean that the funeral wasn’t a difficult time, but we didn’t add to their stress.

Even the paperwork that needs to be filled out is not too taxing.  I have kept everything as simple as I could.

Families also experienced how a simple funeral can be even more meaningful than the traditional services. There is an intimacy and involvement that the family is grateful to have.

So Simple Direct Funerals has now been going for over three years and we continue to our focus on caring, affordable and meaningful funerals for all our families, whatever their funeral needs may be.

The feedback from families has been remarkedly positive throughout and we will continue to focus on what we can do best for families when they need us.