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Providing a Simple Low-Cost Cremation Service

Direct Cremations are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. They are easier to arrange, more affordable, and offer flexibility to allow for a more intimate farewell for families and friends. Additionally, some also have had a more public gathering at a later date.

Simple Direct Funerals specializes in providing families with a meaningful and affordable cremation service.

Low costs does not mean inferior service.

Our reputation is built on caring, stress-free support for families. Serving the family always comes first. With fixed and clear prices established from the beginning, families can focus on what they want to do rather than worrying about what they can afford to do.

This is what the fixed price covers…

  • You can contact me anytime 24/7
  • Meeting with you and your family and completing all the necessary paperwork
  • Ensuring you have the funeral you want and your needs are met.
  • Transferring your deceased loved one into our care
  • A wooden casket
  • All transportation
  • Processing all necessary paperwork
  • The cremation fee
  • The death certificate
  • Placing newspaper notice(s) 
  • A Crematorium urn
  • Personally returning the ashes to you and your family
  • Coordinating the whole process to cause you and your family the least amount of stress and burden
  • Advice for any further services – like a memorial service.
  • Available for any follow up care the family may need.
Nelson Bay View
View of Nelson Bay from Wakapuaka Cemetery.

 A Direct Cremation
– $2576

includes gst

This is a cremation without any chapel/funeral service.  Families have said their goodbyes to the person and do not want a service before the cremation. 

Sometimes family may wish to view the person at our place, which has no extra costs.  
Or the family may have kept the person at home until the cremation.

Although a direct cremation does sound a little impersonal, we strive to make even the simplest arrangements dignified for the person and the family, without the added expense.

This is what we specialise in providing.  From our simple setup to our relaxed professional approach, families find us to be an excellent choice.

A Private Cremation with a
Committal Service at Wakapuaka Chapel
– $3151 

includes GST

A committal service a time where families can gather before the cremation takes place.  It can be informal or formal, a few minutes or up to an hour for a full service.  This is your time to say goodbye in a way that you want.

The time maybe just an informal sharing of stories or a few people speaking, some music, etc.  They may choose to have a minister or celebrant to lead.  I am able to assist with the service in anyway you may like.

SDF is not simply about having a low price with minimal services.  It is doing everything we can to make even a simple funeral meaningful. 

And it is encouraging to often hear how much this means for families.

Sometimes, families opt for a larger, more public service at a later date, which has become increasingly popular.  See Memorial Services for more.

Crematorium Chapel
Crematorium Chapel at Wakapuaka. An ideal setting for an informal or formal farewell.

Wakapuaka Crematorium

I use Nelson Crematorium at Wakapuaka Cemetery that is located on Atawhai Drive, just north of Nelson city.  The team that work up there is very professional and take pride in their work.  Each cremation is done individually and with care.  Only the ashes of that person is returned to the family.

Wakapuaka Cemetery is a lovely spot on the hill among the trees with a view to the sea.  The chapel has recently been redecorated and is perfect for small gatherings.  There is parking by the chapel otherwise it is an uphill climb from the main gate.

Sometimes people have a few questions about the cremation, so if you do please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wakapuaka Crematorium
Wakapuaka Graves
View to Nelson Bay from Wakapuaka