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What Makes Us Different #1

Five Things That Makes Us Different
From Other Funeral Homes?

Not Better / Not Worse – Different

The first thing to say is that this list isn’t about what makes us better or “them” worse.  It is about the differences between us.  Obviously we are not your usual funeral home.  We don’t have large facilities, onsite chapel, etc.  Is that better or worse?  It depends on what people want.  Some people want that – some people don’t. 

So when talking about the difference, it is perhaps more in regards to how we do what we do.  Or in other words, the do dos.

Funeral Home


Personal Relaxed Approach

No Suits
We don’t wear a uniform or suit and tie.  It’s not because I’m anti that.  Our focus is on a more relax and personal approach.  Sometimes the “professional” look can feel intimidating to people.  I know it does present a certain look a funeral homes wishes to portray.  It’s just an aspect that can be a little unsettling.

I think many people have images of the traditional Funeral Director with the suit, hat and tails.  And although for some it brings a degree of formality and ritual to the funeral, for others, this is not what they want.

Car at cemetery
Marsden Cemetery by Kath Haring

Different Focus
Our background is such an asset here, because empathy and sensitivity to the needs of families always comes first.  Whereas those who have been more in the funeral industry, tend to be more business-focus.

Please note that I’m not saying other Funeral Homes are not friendly or polite.  It is a difference approach. 

Helping people feel at ease during a stressful and difficult time is one of our greatest assets.  The intention behind this is removing a lot of the fear and uncertainty that, in the past, people have experienced.  This isn’t only something people talk about, but what I have experienced personally.

Our Set-up
Families will find our approach less intimidating, because this is how se set SDF up.  There is a reason why we do this. Our aim is to make dealing with death and funerals more natural, rather than a daunting, unfamiliar event.  Death is not something people deal with often.  So it is easy to feel a little lost and uncertain. 

Take funeral homes, as an example.  I’m not sure if the buildings were intended to instil a sense of decorum and sombreness.  I can imagine it now – quiet background music, soft voices, serene walking – everything very proper and serious.


It’s Only Me
When someone phones SDF, they speak to me.  When we arrange a funeral, it’s with me.  If they need to phone, they will speak only to me.  There’s no middleman – I can give clear answers straight away.  If I get something wrong, I fix it (hopefully).

Planing wooden beams

There’s a reason why this is number 1.  Coping with the death of a loved one – even if expected – is still a tough time.  And because this is something people don’t deal with often, their well-being is so important.  This is why our approach is towards more personal and relaxed.