Care of the Deceased 

My priority is that families feel confident and comfortable giving me the responsibility of looking after their loved one.

Simple Funeral Service

Unlike other funeral homes my handling of the person is minimal.  I place them in the casket once I get home and the only thing I do is ensure they are cool.  People prefer this option rather than the more intrusive options.

The person is not embalmed except if the family decide they want it.  And there is still plenty of time to organise a funeral; which takes a day on average. There is no panic, no rush.  The funeral process at this stage tends to happen quickly regardless.  So take your time and I will make sure the family has what they need.

Although we are called Simple Direct Funerals, the family still has options – if they want a direct cremation or a private burial or a committal service at the crematorium chapel.

As mentioned, my handling of the person is minimal and also very respectful.  I do not re-dress the loved one at my place, but sometimes families or a rest home will do this.  Otherwise the loved one is placed in the coffin in the clothes they died in.

When I place the person in the coffin I have specific cooling pads that help keep cool the person.  They worked very well, even on the hottest days.  The product is called Techni-ice which is highly recommended for their long life, reusability, absence of off-gassing or condensation, size versatility, and ease of use.

The sheets stay effective up to 3-4 hours when used beneath and on top of a cooling body. As the body cools, the time of effectiveness lengthens until, in many cases, it is no longer required. Each sheet can be replaced as necessary with very little disturbance.  

Throughout the funeral process my focus is allowing families to be a real part of the farewell of their loved one.  You decide how much you want to be involved.  My goal is to make even the simplest funeral meaningful to you.  Death is a natural part of life and the family having the choice to do things as they wish is important to me.

If the family wish to they can may like to use personal pillow and blankets or add other personal affects.  Also they can decorate the casket.  Again, this is completely up to each family to decide for themselves.


Coffin Holding room

The person stays here in a certified room by both Nelson and Tasman councils.  Although the room is not intended for public viewing I have had family come here to visit people if they wish.  But please be aware that the room is connected to the garage and its purpose foremost is to keep people safe and secure until the funeral.