Unique urns – for Sale

Simple Direct Funerals has been creating their own unique urns.

The beauty of these urns is in the artwork and styling that local artist Kath puts into every urn.
We like to think that the uniqueness of each urn reflects the uniqueness of each person.
No two urns are the same. 
Hand-made from plywood the style of these urns are more rustic.  With each having its own personality. 

To order an urn please contact Owen 
Price doesn’t include Post & Packaging.

We also have some beautiful recycled native wood urns, made locally by a skilled woodworker.  Recycled Native Wood Urns

Gold Flakes urn:  Length 240mm, Width 160mm, Height 115mm     Price $250

Gold Flakes urn:  Length 250mm, Width 180mm, Height 110mm     Price $250

The Tower urn:  Length 185mm, Width 155mm, Height 180mm     Price $250

The Urban urn:  Length 235mm, Width 185mm, Height 110mm     Price $200

The Pohutukawa flower urn:  Length 210mm, Width 145mm, Height 160mm     Price $250

Corner Art Urn:  Length 225mm, Height 97mm, Width 170mm    Price $150

Brown Urn:  Length 240mm, Height 105mm, Width 170mm      Price  $300

Very Large Urn: Length 290mm, Height 150mm, Width 230mm     Price $250

Reflective Brown Urn:  Length 212mm, Height 112mm, Width 124mm    Price $200

Simple Direct Funerals uses very simple coffins / caskets because they are either cremated or buried.  We would rather put time and effort into an urn, because it is something that is kept.  Like each person, our urns are completely unique creations. Kath’s skill truly gives families an urn that is both unique and special.