The Costs

Please be aware of companies who may have a low initial price, but will charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for even the smallest change.  

One important reason for starting this business was making the cost far more affordable for people.  It is often such a stressful time and we wanted the cost to not add to this stress.

Although we have an affordable price it is important for us to say that  does not come at the expense of professionalism, care and support for families.

The Cost for a Simple Direct Funeral begins at


The cost of $1999.00+gst includes…

    1. Being on call 24 /7
    2. Meet with family and complete all paperwork
    3. Transfer person into our care
    4. Wooden casket
    5. All transportation
    6. Collecting all necessary paperwork
    7. Cremation Fee
    8. Death Certificate
    9. Community newspaper notice
    10. Basic Urn
    11. Ashes personally returned to the family
    12. Coordinating the whole process to cause families the least amount of stress.

Please note that there is sometimes a Doctor’s Fee GP charge that is not cover in this price.

Optional addition services:

We have the following options for families:

Chapel Service

Many families like the opportunity to come to the chapel at the Crematorium.  There are two options here.  One is a small informal gathering of friends and family.  The length of this service is up to 30 minutes. 

The price is $250.00+gst.


The second option is to have a full chapel service at the Crematorium.  The chapel can hold up to 50 people and has it’s own sound system and TV screen.  These services can go up to one hour. 

The price is $500.00+gst


I have led many funeral services and am happy to assist in any way the family needs.  

Chapel at the Crematorium - perfect for small gatherings

Keeping a loved one at home

Some families find it important to keep the loved one at home before the cremation.  We are well equipped to help families achieve this.  The details of this can be discussed at the time, as every family is unique in their needs.    The reason there is a cost to this is for the requirements that need to happen.  The length of staying in the home is usually 1 to 2 nights. 

The price is from $200.00+gst

Additional newspaper notices

Sometimes families want to put notices in other newspapers and we can do this on behalf of the family.  The cost of this is dependent on the length of notice and the newspaper, which we add to the invoice.


We have a small range of urns available for sale.

 Long distance travel

If travel is beyond 35km of Nelson / Richmond mileage costs may need to be added.  This will be discussed with you at the time.


If the doctor cannot remove the pacemaker we employ a qualified person for the procedure. 

This costs $150.00+gst 


As an example of our costs

    1. to keep the person at home and then
    2. come to the chapel for a service and
    3. they needed a pacemaker removed

the total cost of that would be a total of  $2399.00+gst. 

If they wanted one of the wooden urns we stock the total price would be a total of $2699.00+gst.

We are confident that this is the best value throughout Nelson and Tasman.


Please note you WILL NOT be charged  extra for calls      after-hours, on the weekends or public holidays. 


Government assistance

For those who are eligible, there is a WINZ grant that can be applied for.  You would need to do this by contacting WINZ directly or checking on their webpage.

Click here for their page WINZ.