The Coffin and Urns

Plain wooden coffin for cremation

Simple Direct Funerals supply one untreated pine coffin, made locally here in Nelson.

We have again focused on providing not just an economical option, but also a coffin that is solid and reliable.  This coffin is particularly good for cremation and burn very cleanly as opposed to cardboard, mdf or other coffins.

Having only one coffin means that there will never be any pressure to choose a more expensive model.  It again removes another decision that needs to be made at a time when so much is happening. 

Our feedback has been very positive with these coffins as they are extremely sturdy, simple and clean.

These coffins can have messages on them or painted.  Of course the coffins  can be left as is.

One of our coffin’s decorated by the whole family – lovely.
We used these covers that provide a much nicer look when we place someone in the coffin


We now offer a limited number of cremation urns and name plates for families. The wooden urns are locally made from native timber.