Simple Cremation


Simple Low-Cost Cremation Services

Direct Cremations are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. They are easier to arrange. The cost is more affordable. There is a degree of flexibility that allows a more intimate farewell for families and friends. Simple Direct Funerals specialises in providing families a meaningful and affordable cremation service.


Nelson Bay View
View of Nelson Bay

 A Direct Cremation

– $2000+gst

This is a cremation without any chapel service. Sometimes a family has said their goodbyes at the bedside of their loved one and they want that as their final memory. So I collect the person and cremate directly, returning the ashes to the family personally.

Often families who chose this have some type of get together later. Perhaps they have said their goodbyes while the person was alive or they simply don’t want a service.

Sandy beach Nelson
Crematorium Chapel at Wakapuaka

A Private Cremation with a
Committal Service
– $2500+gst

Families may choose to have a private cremation service. This is where immediate family and close friends gather together just before the cremation.

I use the crematorium chapel at Wakapuaka which is a lovely setting and perfect for small gatherings. 

Families also choose to have a private cremation initially and then a get-together / memorial service at a later date.  This is proving a good way for families to be present at the cremation and then have the time and space to plan for something later.

Simple Direct Funerals not only offers the best price for a committal service, but a more informal relaxed setting where families feel more comfortable.

Many families say this was a very meaningful way of saying their final goodbyes. And I encourage each family to have this gathering as they want to remember the person. It can be informal or formal, unique as each family.

Crematorium Chapel
Crematorium Chapel at Wakapuaka

Wakapuaka Crematorium

I use Nelson Crematorium at Wakapuaka Cemetery that is managed by the Nelson City Council.  The team that work up there is great and take pride in their work.  Each cremation is done individually and with care.  Only the ashes of that person is returned to the family.

Wakapuaka Cemetery is a lovely spot on the hill among the trees with a view to the sea.  The chapel has recently been redecorated and is perfect for small gatherings.  There is parking by the chapel otherwise it is an uphill climb from the main gate.

Sometimes people have a few questions about the cremation, so if you do please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wakapuaka Crematorium
Wakapuaka Cemetery
View of Nelson Bay