Simple Burial


Nelson Bay View
Wakapuaka Cemetery

Simple Low-Cost Burial Services
from $3000 +gst

If a simple burial is your or your deceased loved one’s wish, I can also accommodate this. This is a simple, respectful graveside service, which I or anyone of your choosing can lead. Sometimes families simply gather together with no formal service as such. Whatever your wish, I take great pride in offering a completely professional and supportive service to the family and making the occasion meaningful and respectful.  It would be best to contact us to discuss exactly the service we provide.

Having a low-cost burial service  at the gravesite can cater for all sizes of groups.  Often people will have this service first and then gather later for drinks and a get together.

If the family wish to hold a memorial service later, this can happen at any time after the burial has taken place. As the body is not embalmed, the burial should take place within a few days. 

I provide natural burials using our untreated plywood caskets.  Below is an example of the coffin we use.  We only have one type of coffin, which is included in the price.

Low cost burial coffin