Simple Direct Burials

Under Development

Simple Direct Funerals is beginning to develop low-cost simple burials. At this stage we are still developing and costing this service. We realise that the pricing will not be as straight forward as with cremations as some may have plots already paid for and there can be different prices between cemeteries. What we do know is that our price will be the best in town and our service professional and personal.

At this stage our rough plan is something like this:

  1. To have just the one price of $4,800 for burials. (Costs may vary between local cemeteries – this will be made clear at the time). If someone already owns the plot the price would become $3,000.
  2. We will still offer only one environmental friendly wooden coffin that will be more sturdy than our cremation coffin.
  3. We still do not embalm or have a viewing of the person at a later date. Also there will be limited handling of the body. Often rest-homes or families are happy to dress their loved one and we can assist with this in a limited way.
  4. The burial would need to happen within four days. Waiting any longer one would need to consider embalming.

Typically we are planning that most funerals will be graveside services. Owen is very experienced in taking all types of graveside services. But we are very happy if the family have someone else they would like to lead this.

If people are wanting to have something like a church service or similar, we will discuss the options and costs.

As mentioned this is a very simple low cost and professional funeral service. Although there are in some ways “no frills”, we still pride ourselves in meeting the needs of the families and making this occasion meaningful and significant.

We don’t offer other additional services such as catering or flowers, which can escalate the costs.