How things work

While offering the best price, Simple Direct Funerals still provides families and clients an excellent funeral service in Nelson and Tasman. – Our first priority is always the needs of the family with the service we provide.

How the funeral process tends to go…

Although families do not need to contact us before the death many do to better understand what tends to happen.  Many have found our approach very helpful.  One reason is because we have made the process very simple and stress free.

  1. Usually what happens is that after the person has died the family, rest home or doctor contact us.  We then make a time to meet with the family.

  2. We go through all the necessary paperwork with the family, which usually takes only a few minutes.  This is the Cremation / Burial Application and Death Certificate Information.

  3. We discuss how the family wishes us to take care of their loved one.  If they want the person to stay at home or with us.

  4. We organise a time when they would like the cremation/burial to happen and if family wishes to come to the chapel at the Crematorium at Whakapuaka Cemetery or at the graveside.

  5. Once the paperwork is completed we take it to NCC to be processed and then we get the permission to cremate/bury.  This can vary in time.

  6. Once all the paperwork is signed off we get a permission that the cremation or burial can take place then.

  7. As mentioned, the family are very welcome to come along to the crematorium chapel or the graveside.

  8. We complete the details for the Death Certificate and this will be posted to your usually within 10 days.

  9. Usually we will personally return the ashes to the family the next day.

Although this is a simple funeral service it has been very poignant and meaningful for many families.   We pride ourselves on being professional, supportive and meeting the family’s needs.  Our hope is that our service will allow people to remember their loved one, support each other and celebrate their memories.

Please note the optional prices of coming to the chapel or keeping a loved one at home which is explained in the “Additional Services” section of the Costs & Services page.


Are you out of town?

If you are out of the Nelson Tasman district I am still able to help you through this difficult time. I have had people from throughout New Zealand and Australia use my service with absolutely no problems.

We specialize in making this difficult time simple to work through and we will be with you throughout the whole process. The best thing to do is give me a call or send me an email using the details at the bottom of this page.