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Simple Cremation and Burial Services in the Nelson and Tasman


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Crematorium Chapel

Simple Low-Cost Cremation Services

Private Cremations are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. They are easier to arrange.  The costs are more affordable.  It is more intimate for families and friends.  Simple Direct Funerals specialises in providing families a meaningful and affordable service.

A Direct Cremation Service – $2000+gst

This is a cremation without any chapel service.  Sometimes a family have said their goodbyes at the bedside of their loved one and they want that as their final memory.  So we collect the person and cremate directly, returning the ashes to the family personally.

A Private Cremation Service – $2500+gst

Many families choose to have a private cremation service.  We use the crematorium chapel which is a lovely setting. Families say this was a very meaningful way of saying their final goodbyes.  This service can be as informal and unique as each families wants.  . 

Memorial Services

A memorial service happens after the cremation (or burial) has taken place.  Although this title is a little formal, a Memorial Service can be any event where people gather together to remember, mourn and celebrate the life of a person. 

These services can happen in churches, homes, sports clubs, outside, the options are endless.  There are funeral celebrants who can help organise a more formal service if families want this.  Or it can be as informal as having an afternoon tea with friends at home.

Many families are happy to organise their own event or use a funeral celebrant.  I am more than happy to discuss options that you may find helpful.

A Simple Cremation from only $2000 +gst 

  • 24/7 Personal Support and Care
  • Cremation Fee
  • All Transportation
  • Legal paperwork
  • A Wooden Casket
  • A Simple Urn
  • Death Certificate
  • Newspaper Placement
  • Professionalism


Simple private burials affordable nelson Tasman
Simple Direct Burial Coffin Low cost funerals

Simple Low-Cost Burial Services from $3000 +gst

If a simple burial is your or your deceased loved one’s wish, I can also accommodate this. This is a simple, respectful graveside service, which I or anyone of your choosing can lead. Sometimes families simply gather together with no formal service as such. Whatever your wish, I take great pride in offering a completely professional and supportive service to the family and making the occasion meaningful and respectful.  It would be best to contact us to discuss exactly the service we provide.

Having a graveside service can cater for all sizes of groups.  I am happy to help lead the service at no extra cost.

If the family wish to hold a memorial service, this can happen at any time after the burial has taken place. As the body is not embalmed, the burial should take place within a few days. 

We provide natural burials using our untreated plywood caskets.

A Simple Burial from only $3000 +gst

  • Does not include grave plot purchase or interment
  • 24/7 Personal Support and Care
  • Coordinating with Council and Cemetery
  • Graveside Service
  • All Transportation
  • Administration
  • A Wooden Casket
  • Death Certificate
  • Newspaper Placement

“After talking to you about my Mother’s wishes for a very quick simple cremation, I was impressed by your empathy, sincerity and helpfulness. You helped make the process remarkably easier for us. The whole family were impressed and appreciated your involvement”
– Addo

Additional Services

What extra services are available to me in conjunction with the Simple Direct Cremation and Burial packages?

Our business model means that we limit the expenditure for families.  Our price cannot keep rising.  Below are the optional services that you may wish to opt for, at a very competitive price:

Doctor’s Certificate – upto $150
Pacemaker removal $150
Keeping loved one at home $250
Viewing at Talbot St  – No charge
Newspaper Notices – poa (depends on length of notices)
Wooden Urns – from $200
Long Distant Travel – poa – doesn’t include Motueka
After Hours / Public holidays – No Charge

Doctor’s Certificate upto $150

For a cremation a doctor needs to view the person and write a medical certificate. Sometimes there is no cost for this if the death has occurred in the hospital for instance.  In the past the GP has had to send out an invoice directly to the family.  However this cost might be added to our invoice on their behalf.  This price varies on different medical centres.

Pacemakers removal $150

It is critical to remove pacemakers prior to cremation. If a doctor has not removed a pacemaker, we need to employ a qualified person for the procedure prior to cremation.

Keeping a loved one at home – $250

You may wish to keep your loved one at home before the cremation or burial. This is no problem at all, and I am happy to cater to every family’s unique needs and wishes. It is generally possible to keep your loved one at home for 1 or 2 nights.  The details of this can be discussed at the time. As there is some logistics to this, the price for this is up to  $250.00. Please contact me to discuss your wishes.

Viewing at Talbot Street – no charge

We do not usually have viewings after we collect the person.  However we do not stop family from seeing their loved one at our place if they wish.  Families usually do this is they didn’t have a chance to see them beforehand.  The room we use is for holding the person until the cremation not viewing as such.  So if families are well aware of this I am more than happy to accommodate them.  There is no charge for this.

Newspaper notices

We do not charge for placing any newspaper notices.  We simply pass on the cost the newspaper charges for the notices.  This cost varies depending on the newspaper and the length of the notices.

Urns – $200-$300

We have a small range of urns available for sale. All of the urns locally crafted and made from recycled native timber or untreated plywood.  There are many different types and they are all unique pieces that also has a local artist’s professional touch.  They range from $200  and includes a plaque.

Long distance travel

Mileage costs may need to be added if the travel distance is more than 35km from Nelson / Tasman. This will be discussed with you at the time.  We do not charge travel to Motueka.

There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for calls after-hours, on the weekends or on public holidays.


Special Funeral Service for families wanting to do it all themselves

On special occasions we can assist families who wish to do most of the funeral themself.  This would include the family looking after the person and transporting the person to the crematorium.  What we would do is help them with the paperwork, provide a coffin (if needed) and organise the Death Certificate.  This is very hands on for them and hands off for us.  The price for this depends on each family.  The cost would be between $1000 to $1500.

This ensures that all legalities are covered and helping the family through the process.  The family would visit our office to complete everything they need.

Funeral Grants

WINZ Funeral Grant

You may be eligible for assistance from WINZ to cover funeral costs. This is usually for people who are on a government benefit.  You can apply for the grant by contacting WINZ directly.  A WINZ grant can cover a huge percentage of our Direct Cremation costs. 

Click here for the WINZ website.

ACC Funeral Grant

ACC can help towards the costs of the burial or cremation and related ceremonies  due to an accidental death.  This funeral grant can be paid for both New Zealanders and overseas visitors to New Zealand. 

Click here for ACC Funeral Grant

If finances are still a concern for you please do contact me as we can discuss payment options that may help.  Our aim is to help people through this difficult time – not just with great service, but understanding financial pressures also.  We can discuss no interest payments or other options.

Pre Planning

Pre planning funerals is an option that we offer.  The difference we have is that our services are very straight forward for families to deal with.  There is not along list of the paperwork needed to be filled out.

After a few minutes discussion families have a clear understanding of how we can meet their needs.  Having a simple clear process really helps them to put their minds at ease.

Often the cremation is a small family event, but we have had large services as well.  Many families chose to have a bigger celebration of life or get together a week or so after the cremation.

Our aim is to help families work through this difficult time with care and support.

Pre Paying

I have been asked about pre-paying funerals.  We do not provide this service.  However we suggest that if families wish to put money aside, they simply create a new bank account and put money into that.

One of the real advantages of this is that it gives family complete control over their money and if their circumstances change and they want to go with another funeral company that can be done with no problems or additional cancelation costs at all.

Also you can be assured that our prices will always be the most competitive in town.

Why am I able to offer a professional funeral arrangement at a much lower price?

Many people have remarked on how helpful it was to always deal with me personally. I am available 24/7 and when you call, you always reach me. I run a small home business so there are no expensive facilities to maintain nor are there staff costs to pay for. This means when the phone rings you speak directly with me. By keeping my overhead costs to a minimum, I can offer a professional cremation or burial service at a much lower cost to you.

“Although I offer an affordable price, it is very important for me to say that this does not come at the expense of professionalism, care and support for families.”

– Owen, Owner of Simple Direct Funerals