Memorial Services

Mourn ~ Celebrate ~ Remember

Although a Direct Cremation tends to happy fairly quickly, there is still the opportunity for family and friends to remember.

A Memorial Service can be an important part of the process of saying goodbye.  Importantly this service can be done in many different ways.  A benefit of this is that a family has complete say over how they want to do this.

A Memorial Service can be a formal Church service, afternoon tea at home, Sport’s Club gathering, picnic, tramp… the options are endless.

Often it is done a week or so after the death, which gives people a little space and time after such a big event in their life..  It gives people farther away more time to travel and puts less stress on needing to do things immediately.

Simple Direct Funerals do not have any facilities to hire out as there are many places that can do this far better than funeral homes.  Also families may prefer to do something at home.  So there is no extra pressure or expectation when dealing with us.