Memorial Services

Mourn ~ Celebrate ~ Remember

Although the cremation tends to happen fairly quickly, there is still the opportunity for family and friends to remember and celebrate the life of someone who has died.

A Memorial Service can be an important part of the process of saying goodbye.  Importantly this service can be done in many different ways.  A benefit of this is that a family has complete say over how they want to do this.

A Memorial Service can be as formal as a full Church service.  Often the ashes are present with photos and items that are significant to that person.  This could be tools or art or crafts.  The service is very similar to if the casket were present.

A Memorial Service can also be much less formal.  Perhaps a gathering at a local Sport’s Club the person was part of. 

Or a family may simply wish to have a private family get together at home.

A Memorial Service can be whatever a family decides it wants – a picnic, a dinner, a tramp to the top of a mountain or a drive to a quiet beach.  The options are endless.

Often a Memorial Service is done a week or two after the death (although any time is optional), which gives people a little more space and time after the death of someone. It gives people farther away more time to travel and puts less stress on needing to do things immediately.

Simple Direct Funerals are not usually involved with Memorial Services, but I am more than happy to discuss the process for families who are wanting ideas.  I have the contact details of a Funeral Celebrant who can lead all kinds of services depending on a family’s needs.

For us the most important issue is meeting the needs of the families who come to us.