About Us

The beginnings

Simple Direct Funerals began under the name Purely Cremations.  It arose from a personal desire to provide a simple direct cremation funeral service for families in Tasman and Nelson areas.  My funeral service is simple for families to work through, inexpensive and at the same time is very meaningful and respectful.

Although price is an important aspect it does not come at the expense of service, professionalism and care for all.

In providing a simple funeral service it removes any pressure or need to spend more money.  It also removes the stress of countless other aspects that arises at this time. 

I don’t have flash facilities that need to be paid for by customers.  And at the same time still offer a service that meets the needs of many families

The funeral service I provide throughout Tasman and Nelson in many ways is more intimate as I work hand in hand with the family throughout every step of the funeral process.

Simple Direct Funerals is local through and through.  From sourcing the wood for coffins, urns and the people who work here.

Owen Haring

I grew up on an apple orchard in Redwood Valley.  I went to Appleby School and Waimea Intermediate and College.  After living in the North Island for many years, I returned home to Nelson in 2014 and began this business in 2018.

For over twenty years I have worked with families and communities taking many funerals and supported families and people throughout the death of a loved one.  My experience has been primarily working with families to farewell loved ones, rather than the “business” of funerals.  Therefore my focus is naturally upon the needs of the family.

My career started as a youth worker in churches and then I became a minister for over ten years.  I loved serving people and especially providing a service – be it wedding, funeral, church service that people not only enjoyed but was also meaningful.  I thought I was going to work in the church for my entire career, but things changed.

My job was made redundant in 2017 and I looked at many options.  I didn’t want to leave Nelson again and I needed a change from church, but at the same time I still wanted to help people.  The funeral business was something I was interested in and I believed I had the skills for.  However no one was hiring at the time.  But more than that was the sense I came away with from some companies that seemed more focused on sales and profits rather than service.  This didn’t sit well with me and I thought how I could provide an alternative here in Nelson and Tasman that was user-friendly and cost efficient.

During this time I worked part time at a service station while slowly planning and implementing my business model.  In order to work to my strengths and keep things simple I didn’t look at embalming at all and focused on direct cremations.

Over the few years I have seen the impact I have had on the industry with other companies new offering services at a much reduced price.  The point of difference is that what i offer at my price includes everything and no extra costs will be added to that price.  Other companies have the option to increasing the price with services I already include.

I wanted the families to have as much as say as they needed in the process and work with them.  For some it meant keeping the person at home until taken to the crematorium.  For others it meant we took the person into our care almost immediately as they wanted their final memories to be when they were alive.

Every family is different and working with them is such an honour.  I feel incredibly fortunate to own and run this business and meet wonderful people from all corners of the community.


Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Camille Visser

I’m originally from Nelson, moved to Wellington where I then set off to travel around the world before settling and working in Melbourne for several years.

I have since moved back and am really enjoying the outdoors and the mixture of relaxed and adventurous lifestyle Nelson has to offer.

As a counsellor, my passion is working together with the client to celebrate and life of their loved one.  Also offering support to help process the grief of one’s loss.